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May 10, 2013
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Lt. Eon Strombrakerr Drive of the Wonderbolts by BluMagpie Lt. Eon Strombrakerr Drive of the Wonderbolts by BluMagpie
He is my 3rd OC and my true ponysona. I've divided my personalities and talents into the 3 OC that I've created. My natural talents is in Starveil. My acquired talents is in Strømbråkerr, and the talents that I'll be acquiring is in Veeyon.

Name: Eon Strømbråkerr Drive (also known as Lieutenant Drive, Commisar Strømbråkerr and Eondrive)

Age: 25

Birthplace: Canterlot

Gender: Stallion

Coat Color: Sky Blue

Mane/Tail Color: Ice Blue that varies in tone with a dark blue stripe

Eye Color: Vivid Turquoise

Talents: Organizer, Tenacity and Storm Creator and Destroyer

Personality: A cool, silent type. Can be over-serious at times, but acknowledges any favor, request and command he recieved.

Unique Flying Style: Gravity Drive(enables him to withstand any kind of extreme weather conditions and some degree of magic while flying. Creates a warped trail as he flies)

Current Job(s): Cloudsdale Chief Librarian, Science Officer and a lieutenant of the Wonderbolts and at the same time part-time Princess Luna's Royal Guard

Relatives: Minuette(sister)

Best Friends with: Shining Armor(as colleagues for a year in Canterlot Military Academy), Spitfire and Soarin'(as colleagues in the Wonderbolts Academy). Secretly have a crush on Starveil, but likes to keep it secret.

Current Status: Living in Cloudsdale but sometimes travels to Ponyville to relax. Occasionally presides over the Wonderbolts Academy whenever Spitfire and Soarin performs wherever in Equestria. For a Wonderbolt, he rarely performs alongside with the others. He rather creates and organizes activities for the trainees.
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BluMagpie May 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You should clarify things to me next time :iconscootalooderpplz: By the way nice oc you got there. He's more appropriate to stand with my OC in Final Fantasy.
i was thinking if jonny sheppard and eon stand together with a awesome pose.
BluMagpie May 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You're saying you want to draw your OC with my OC? Its fine with me as long there's no innapropriate thing.
course not here my oc [link]
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